Omnipotent force, inexorable and transcendental
Source of all wisdom in the universe
Shows me everything that is hidden
Reinforces my mind to the discovery,
The unknown, the spiritual and dreams,
That its strength and light are my road
Strengthening and illuminating my path
Guide me in the path of goodness, of eternal
Everything I do, think, be positive,
Finding peace, friendship and good humor.
Reason of all things, sanctify me.
Maximum energy flow, supreme,
deliver me from the evils of body and spirit.
Intense and inexhaustible source of inspiration,
Protect everything and everyone, the entire cosmos,
And his disciple making it stronger,
And his disciple making it stronger,
Teaching others with your words
Following others with your words
Following his footsteps to infinity
Spirit last light
That life is full of serenity and love
My body is the temple of your spirit
His strength is part of me
Peace and long life for all
Protection hyperbolic wisdom
That protects my love
I can love my enemy
And this becomes my best friend
The truth only extract the juice
Untruth or get closer


- Mentalizing Supreme
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- The Almighty .......
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- Strength Within 3
STRENGTH WITHIN 3 Maximum power that governs the universe , extreme force that ennobles the spirit , make me a being of his grace , exerts on me its inexhaustible source of wisdom . Convey to me the vision of the infinite , supreme being of goodness...

- Supreme Light
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- Action Inside
ACTION INSIDE Indestructible force and inexorable, divine power that makes up my mind. Opens my mind, illuminating my steps, strengthens my muscles, cells, brain and other agencies with faith in those words. Do understand more than to be understood, Intensify...